Pool and other Twitch streamers were summed up. “So many great, talented girls”

Female Twitch streamers are a very specific group that may not achieve amazing results, but they earn very big money.

Everything has probably been said about streamers, especially pool streamers. However, hardly anyone is aware that even these not-very-popular girls can earn huge money. In any case, the entire streamer industry has recently been heavily summed up.

Regular Twitch users are familiar with those “montages” that the platform uploads from time to time. Cuts of various broadcasts appear there, all in a positive atmosphere of building a very cool and friendly community.

Female Twitch streamers summary

A short, minute-long summary of the activities of female streamers has been going viral in recent days. Shots of typical pool broadcasts are overlaid with a voice-over about how women are building the gaming industry and how proud they are of it.


The streamer industry is easy to generalize, although it shouldn’t necessarily be done. In many countries, no streamer broadcasts from pools on a daily basis, although it’s their various slip-ups and strange thoughts that are sent to us by far the most often. Girls with an average of 100-300 viewers sometimes say really bizarre things.