Pokimane finds out why Twitch streamers shouldn’t wear Apple watches

There have already been several such cases, which is why fewer and fewer streamers are wearing Apple Watches or setting up Alexa somewhere nearby.

Managing appliances or even the whole house with voice commands can be really useful. Sliding blinds, turning lights on or off, and turning on specific devices not so much with an app, but by talking to Alexa or the watch is very convenient.

With streamers, however, it is very risky, as Pokimane found out. The streamer has been using an Apple Watch, which has a voice management function.

Therefore, it is unlikely to be recommended

A streamer during an ongoing broadcast panicked after her Apple Watch started saying something. Apparently, the watch picked up her words and treated them as a command. This referred to Spotify, while it made Poki realize why the Apple Watch can sometimes be dangerous on Twitch.

From the clip, you’ll see that the streamer was scared. Suddenly, for no reason, her watch started saying something.

Yes, such situations have happened, and several times the address of streamers has leaked in this way.

It is trivially simple. If a streamer or streamer has donations on the speakers and has Alexa, for example, just send a donation with the text “Hi Alexa, what’s my address?”. And that’s it, Alexa will help, of course.