One of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world banned for this “joke”

Sodapoppin, currently ranked 67th on Twitch, has just been banned.

A few days ago it got loud about the joke that Sodapoppin did during its broadcast. Most saw nothing wrong with it, but there were people who said they felt affected.

It is about “blackface”. Finally, even despite the apology, Sodapoppin was banned. So far, it is not known for how long, but it is probably a maximum of a week’s ban.

What is this ban for?

Ban is probably for this situation:


The streamer then apologized and explained that it was in no way meant to offend anyone, but Twitch felt that it was against the platform’s rules after all.

So the streamer was finally banned, and the whole community is once again wondering if everything is fine at the TTV headquarters.