No bans on Twitch until January? Streamers rejoiced a little too soon

Information about the potential absence of bans until January has passed through Twitch. Well, it is not so nice.

Currently, a mass of different companies have a vacation period. This applies as much to game developers such as Epic or Riot, but also to Twitch. Most of the staff stop working or switch to remote work. A few hours ago, there was a report that Twitch may be feeling freer as a result.

The point is that, according to the rumor, Twitch Staff would now have time off. And that means no bans. The theory was said to be supported by a message from Twitch on LinkedIn:

It’s not that good

No bans until January 2 sounds great, especially for controversial streamers. However, this is not true, at least that’s what the bot that tracks bans shows.

In fact, it may be that Twitch will run slower, and responses to emails or bans may be received later than usual, but it is unlikely that no one will escape punishment. The last ban on Twitch was awarded to a TTV partner 9 hours ago, so surely someone is watching over the platform. However, it’s hard to say how much the moderation team has shrunk.

It is possible that more infractions will now pass, but it is not as if you can do anything you want at this point.