Elon Musk disconnected when asked about banned journalist accounts

The world took great notice of one ban, which then caused an avalanche of subsequent account blocks.

Anyone who more or less follows Twitter is well aware of the story with the teenager’s account that published every flight of Musk’s private plane. Today, Jack Sweeney is 20 years old and has several popular bots that follow flights of the likes of Bezos, Drake, and Bill Gates.

Elon has tried to block this account before but ultimately failed. Now, however, since Twitter is owned by him, it was safe for him to do so. However, the decision to block the account did not please the American media.

Musk disconnects after receiving a question on the subject

The decision to block the account was criticized by journalists from CNN or The Washington Post. Their accounts were blocked some time later. Musk was asked about the situation during one of the conversations, which was recorded on Twitch, among others.


The chat reaction was quite obvious:

On the one hand, Twitter is supposed to be open to everyone, but on the other hand, smaller and larger controversies arise around it every day.