Meanwhile, a Twitch streamer got a Tesla from her viewer. “I spent $70,000 to be named…”

There has been a lot of buzz on the web about a gift that one Twitch streamer received.

“Viperous” is not some incredibly popular streamer. She is watched by a few hundred people at a time, where the recent average is 143 viewers. So she is not someone who is followed by a mass of people. And yet that’s enough to get a Tesla for free.

But that’s not what caused the most excitement. It is known that small streamers sometimes get really big donations or gifts.

“I spent $70,000”.

Most people found out about it through one of the comments. It is not known if this is true, as the original has already been removed:

The streamer herself responded to this perfunctorily, so it is likely to be simply a joke.

Regardless, it is apparent that it is not at all necessary to have a large audience in order to receive sizable “donations.”