It’s the Twitch streamers’ new way to get simps. There have just been a lot of bans for oil on…

A new fashion has emerged among Twitch streamers. This is naturally about highlighting one’s assets.

Just when it seems that the girls on Twitch don’t really have anything left to come up with, we still get more and more surprised. Recently, there has been a trend among female streamers to “oil” their assets. In theory, it lines perfectly with the rules, but as you can see, TTV had a different opinion on the subject.

All in all, it lasted a long time anyway, as women were using it for several days. The first streamer got banned for it yesterday, and looking at the clips it’s rather easy to understand what this is all about.

In general, people are surprised that Twitch allowed so many bans for a person who was clearly looking for a way around the rules all the time:

Ban for emphasizing “assets” in this way

Streamer “Kiaraakitty” was permanently banned for this offense. In fact, this is her 5th ban, so it is more like a perm with the possibility of appeal. The ban is directly for the meta of applying oil in this way:


The streamer walked around the city in this way, which caused a lot of excitement, including among other Twitch streamers, who felt that something was wrong here and it could end differently.


And in fact, they were right. There were many more such moments, and it’s hard to believe that all the time the streamer would do this kind of thing accidentally:


Other girls picked up on this, especially in Korea:


Most foreign streamers after this ban are also unlikely to use it.