It has been confirmed who is behind Kick. The complete opposite of Twitch. This actually explains a lot

Information about who was behind the Kick platform had been circulating online for a long time, but now it has finally been confirmed.

The people behind Kick did not necessarily want to publicly admit it. Of course, it was suspected who actually owned it, but this was never confirmed through any official links.

Now the doubts have been diluted. At a time when gambling on Twitch is a very controversial issue, facing a lot of negative feedback and being in a “gray area” all the time, Kick is embracing it and, actually, was born out of it.

Who owns Kick?

Behind Kick are the owners of the huge Stake Casino, which many people will probably be familiar with. One thing is certain about it – they won’t run out of cash, even for getting the biggest Twitch streamers. It is already known that several of them are expected to switch to Kick, although as we know from the example of Mixer or Facebook Gaming, transfers alone do not guarantee success.

Information about the owners surfaced with the addition of the Kick app on iOS. There, the owners had to give the specific entity responsible for the entire project, and that’s how people got to the source.

Is it groundbreaking? Not likely, as it has been talked about for a long time. What does it mean for the industry as a whole? First of all, it’s a signal that gambling will just keep coming on Kick, whatever people write about it. Only government regulations will make it so that streamers from specific countries can give it up.