If you send such things to girls on Instagram, you can stop. They won’t see it anyway

Instagram is introducing new filters to reduce the number of inappropriate photos people get in private messages.

The biggest problem with unwanted photos is, of course, influencers. They are the ones who receive dozens of photos with… certain pictures every day for review. The same is true for Twitch streamers, especially those with accounts on OF.

Now it will make less sense to send photos because the person who gets the photo will not even see it without first agreeing to display it.

It will be pointless to send it

The problem of unwanted photos in DM will be solved by technology that will apply a filter to the photo when it detects an inappropriate one.

The photo will only be unveiled if the person agrees to it. Of course, this will work equally for women and men, although it seems that women will certainly benefit, at least in this Internet environment associated with Twitch or Youtube. Virtually every female streamer or youtuber has received or continues to receive pictures from men.