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He ordered water from the Dark Web, but water was by far the least interesting item

Ordering from the Dark Web can be a very strange experience. It was known that it could end in different ways.

The Dark Web today has little in common with what it once was. It is more accessible, more and more people know about it and it is treated more as a curiosity. The fact is that it is still possible to find really strange things there, as one TikToker found out.

In theory, you’re only ordering water, although the very word “suspicious” may indicate that it won’t just be about water.

What does one get after ordering it?

People often wrote that they were getting really unusual things from this site, and so it was this time. In addition to strange pre-motions like a golf ball, some kind of spoon, nails or tubes, there was something else.

The TikToker himself said he didn’t know what it was – a wrapped bottle that only some people would know.

What is it? This is the so-called spell jar, used for magic. It was practiced in the Middle Ages, it was used to cast curses, remove them, and “decide” the fate of people. There are still people who believe in it, so it is quite an unusual item for the fact that water was ordered.

While it’s hard to say who is sending it and why, the trend with sending water is getting more and more popular. It works a bit like all those mystery boxes, where you don’t know what you’re really going to get. Except that here it’s just a lot weirder.