From Youtube to OF. The platform’s servers couldn’t handle the high-profile event

One of the most popular people in the world of Youtube appeared on OF. It was a big enough event that the servers couldn’t handle it.

Until now, there has not been a case where the OF servers simply went down due to the appearance of any celebrity there. Now it has happened, and gentlemen looking for excitement may be disappointed.

This is because, uniquely, it is not any female YouTuber or streamer. This is a person who has amassed more than 34 million subscriptions on Youtube and so has become one of the biggest OF stars. Interestingly, all proceeds from his activities there, the YouTuber will donate to charity.

Yes, because we are talking about a YouTuber

The person who has come to the OF is Markiplier. His videos are getting 1-2 million views each. 6 days ago he posted a video that he is appearing on OF.

For the time being, OF is available to try for free. There are three photos there, which of course have become some of the most popular on the site. Why? One, it’s about a popular YouTuber, and two, there’s the case of money for charity in the background.

Markiplier proves that you don’t have to be a woman at all to succeed on the OF. The key is to gather a community. Here, of course, however, the motives of OF users are different than those of most female influencers.

But still, it is possible – you can be a guy and have a powerful OF. So it is not a market dedicated only to ladies, although those definitely have it easier.