Discord plans to introduce revolution, shows panel in private messages on right-hand side

Discord apparently came up with the idea of empowering private messaging.

For many people, Discord has become the primary form of communication. Therefore, the platform wants to optimize private messaging as much as possible and add necessary features to it. The question is how much the display of the caller’s profile is needed – this is what the messenger is working on.

It is not yet known when this will be introduced, as we are talking about the testing phase here. Discord might as well give up on it if users express negative opinions about it.

Panel on the right

According to what one Reddit user with the nickname “iingot” shows, a special panel will be added to private messages to display details about the caller. This one will be placed on the right side.

Opinions about it are mixed at this point, which is a complete standard. For some, it is a completely unnecessary feature that they would prefer not to see. Others mention that it is an easy way to access information about someone without having to go to their profile.

It’s hard to say when it might go appear, and whether it will at all. Tests could take just as much a few days as several or more months.