Discord is about to introduce a feature that all servers are waiting for. So far, bots have been doing this

Discord is on the home straight when it comes to testing one of its more important features.

Discord is still working on bigger and smaller features that will be introduced soon. Most of them are cosmetic changes, such as adding even frames around the avatars.

Others will actually add to your enjoyment of Discord, in particular, they will be seen on large servers with many members. DC finally wants to introduce the built-in “AutoMod”.

So far, bots have been doing this

The server administration will be able to use the built-in “AutoMod”, which will take care of basic protection against:

  • spam messages,
  • keywords that will be removed,
  • harmful links.

This is something many people are waiting for, and it looks like it will be coming up in the next few weeks. First, of course, specific servers will test it, then the function will be given to everyone.