Discord has begun removing the cheapest Nitro. Some people can no longer buy it

Discord in some countries has removed Discord Classic. This likely marks the beginning of the end for this version of Nitro.

It had been known for some time that Discord would change its basic, cheapest version of Nitro. And so, people living in the UK can no longer buy the Classic version. What is there instead?

This version has been replaced by “Basic,” which in the UK costs $2.99. It is known that prices vary depending on where you live, but in short, it will be a bit more expensive.

Nitro Classic is going away

Those living in the UK do not have the option to purchase the Classic version, as confirmed by Reddit users. Discord has already changed the interface so that Classic is unavailable.

Most likely, this is not a bug, and the UK is the first place in the world where Classic was simply removed. Other countries will probably be next.

So one can slowly prepare for Classic to be a thing of the past. It is not yet known when exactly and under what circumstances, but from Discord’s movements it seems that the change is coming soon.