Discord did something that people appreciated a lot. It’s good to know this when sending something to someone

Discord has given this with pretty much everyone with Nitro, so it’s worth knowing that you can now send much larger files.

Discord leaves most of the features and capabilities to those paying for Nitro, so it’s hardly surprising that this also applies to those paying for them. More and more people are switching from Messenger to Discord, but many people still choose to use other messengers when it comes to sending files.

Discord knew this very well, so they decided to increase the size limit of the files sent.

How much can you send now?

The new limit is 500MB. Of course, this does not offer amazing possibilities, but Discord probably did not say the last word on this matter.

It will be a good argument for Discord to encourage you to buy Nitro. Of course, other communicators have a few GB, but remember that Discord remains free and if someone does not want to, he does not have to pay for it.