Amouranth was seemingly forced into pool streams. This is what her broadcasts look like now

Some time ago, everyone learned that Amouranth was to be forced to stream from swimming pools.

Twitch viewers are well aware of the story of the streamer, who some time ago confessed in a crying fit that she was forced to stream from swimming pools, wearing swimsuits, etc. Several streams actually took place without this type of theme after that.

Until everything basically returned to normal. The streamer continues to stream from pools, continues to upload controversial photos, and continues to dress in such a way as to entice viewers to enter the stream because of her body.

Not much has changed

One might have suspected that since the streamer was in tears about how she was being forced into pool streams, she wouldn’t want to continue doing so after all. Well, much hasn’t changed, as her last streams looked like this:


Sure, softer ones appear as well, but they too are quite characteristically stylized.

So what’s it like with this one? The truth will probably never be known to viewers, but it’s safe to assume that those swimsuit streams weren’t a big deal after all. It may have been a matter of how many of them there were.