Amouranth reveals how much money she gets annually from the top 3 simps

Amouranth has a lot of money – everyone knows this. Interestingly, however, she gets a large portion from a few of her most loyal fans.

Many people wonder how these small female streamers are able to support themselves with 60-100 viewers. The answer is dedicated viewers, who can sometimes be really generous. All you have to do is show them the right dose of attention.

And Amouranth works in a similar way. After all, she doesn’t somehow have an incredibly large number of viewers by global standards. And yet she is making sop much money that many people never dreamed of. How? She has her loyal simples who give her huge sums.

How much do the most loyal ones contribute?

The streamer, during an interview with xQc, revealed that 3-5 people transfer about $90,000 to her account every year. How does it work? Simply about noticing these people and giving them attention – mostly just a way for them to access the streamer when they want, not when she is streaming.


You can laugh or cry, but everyone does what they want with their money. It’s hard to judge these people, although there are certainly better ways to spend $90,000.