Bungee video mishap. Only some viewers noticed a certain tab with videos for…

This type of “slip-ups” happened quite often with various streamers. Now it has also appeared on Youtube.

It’s hard to say whether this is a wink to viewers who watch episodes very meticulously, or whether we are actually talking about a real slip-up. It seems that YouTubers would rather notice it.

If not while recording, then at least while editing the episode. On the other hand, it’s not that visible at all, and bigger slip-ups have passed.

A certain page in the shot

Bungee viewers spotted Bandura with several tabs open while checking calorie counts. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with that, or some amazing thing if it weren’t for the name “s*x cams”. It’s a little hard to believe that this was let go, while actually at 6:22 you can see such a view:

Blunder or not – it certainly caused some extra traffic to the video. Bungee itself is evolving a lot, and the guys have shown that it is possible to transfer their very original personalities to Youtube.