Amouranth fears a ban from Twitch. “They would find excuses for my ban,” she says.

Amouranth is certainly on Kick’s radar, which is already making bigger and smaller moves to get the biggest streamers.

Initially, it was said that Kick would attract 6-7 streamers. Now behind the scenes, there is already talk of about 10 different influencers. Interestingly, these are not necessarily exclusive deals. Earlier today, we wrote about Hikaru, who still plans to stream on both Twitch and Kick.

Sooner or later, Amouranth is sure to get an offer from Kick to move there. It’s worth mentioning that the streamer earns tens of millions of dollars a year, so the deal would have to be massive.

Amouranth may end up with a ban, but it’s a long and twisty road to get there

There is a mass of people in the world who, when entering Amouranth’s channel, would like to see a notice of unavailability due to the suspension of the channel. The streamer herself has concerns that if she accepts a possible offer from Kick in the future, Twitch will find an excuse to ban her. This would be highly problematic, as the streamer relies heavily on coverage from TTV.


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A reason for a ban would certainly be found. There are many situations on these streams that could be taken as “suggestive” behavior, for which many people have received bans. At this point, TTV simply seems to have little interest in having the streamer stop broadcasting.