A wave of bots has appeared on Twitch. The platform is struggling with several million new accounts

Twitch already knows that someone has figured out a way to create multiple accounts simultaneously.

Bots have always been a big problem on Twitch. Now their presence is easier to detect, and through tools created by the community itself. In the last few dozen hours, several million new accounts have appeared on Twitch.

The jump is very noticeable, there is no question that these are normal people. Why is this being done? Usually to acquire observers, to troll, to disturb other Twitch viewers. In total, the platform now has to deal with about 4 million new accounts.

Bots on Twitch

There are quite a few bots, but Twitch already knows of their existence. Now all that’s needed is to track them down.

Streamers comment that it’s good that Twitch responded very quickly. In fact, the cooperation between the community and TTV in the area of bot detection is really satisfactory.

Especially since TTV very rarely communicates with users in any way. Usually there are messages from the official account that explain nothing.