A Twitch streamer has an unusual problem with a certain body part. Yes, the one you think about

Quite strange situations sometimes happen on Twitch. After some of them, streamers have to delete clips. This is exactly what happened this time.

CodeMiko is a streamer who broadcasts very often with her virtual character. This is probably the most advanced stream in terms of the technology behind it. Usually, nothing unusual happens on these streams, although it actually sometimes stirs up a lot of excitement.

Why? Twitch still doesn’t know how to approach it. Scenes or outfits that appear there, in theory, should not be allowed. On the other hand, we are still talking about a virtual character here.

Unusual problem on stream

CodeMiko had a rather unusual problem during one of her recent broadcasts. Her character, specifically one of her body parts, did not want to listen. Something was wrong with the physics, and as a result, everyone saw something like this:

Well, of course, you can’t get a ban for it, but it looks quite funny. People could also see the positioning of this body part and all the physics behind it:

No one but CodeMiko herself has such technical problems. Only she uses such advanced technology to display her virtual counterpart.