“Brilliant” Twitch streamer came up with a hopeless idea while broadcasting

One streamer wanted to render the look of a game character as accurately as possible, so he came up with a rather risky idea.

Genuine dedication to the cause or just a not very thoughtful decision. In any case, the streamer did cosplay while conducting the broadcast. It wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t for the fact that he came up with the idea to spice up his outfit.

The game character had a fiery sword, so he figured it would be a brilliant idea not only to dress up as him but also to “add some powers”.

It could have ended fatally

Fortunately, it ended with a slight burn.

The clip has been removed, but naturally, nothing dies on the Internet. The whole “trick” did nothing for the streamer except make him embarrassed and cause controversy, of course. It did not translate into viewership numbers in any noticeable way.