The Cyberpunk 2077′ series premiere fared very poorly compared to Arcane. Incomparably smaller numbers

It is difficult to compare Edgerunners to Arcane, while both are based to some extent on games.

CDPR certainly expected higher numbers. Recall that the premiere of Arcane with League of Legends in the peak was watched by more than 1.8 million people. It was a result that was definitely impressive.

The series was broadcast on Riot’s official channel, while everyone could quietly watch it at home. With CDPR it was similar, while the numbers were much smaller.

How many people watched the launch on Twitch?

It seems that several mistakes were made with the premiere of Edgerunners. First of all, there was a lack of a dedicated category. People are used to the fact that “Special Events” are nothing incredibly exciting on TTV. And it was in this category that the series was streamed.

On CDPR’s official channel, the premiere was watched by a peak of 30 thousand people. The average was less, at 20 thousand viewers.

The peak in “Special Events” was 58,000 overall yesterday.

Cyberpunk 2077 alone was watched by fewer than 2,000 people. It’s hard to say exactly what this was due to; the series was, after all, well promoted, or at least it seemed that way. Arcane’s 1.8million, however, seems an outright unattainable result for Edgerunners.