How many people are working on the new Cyberpunk 2077 add-on? A chart from CDPR makes players optimistic

CDPR has shared information about what the developers are currently working on.

If you are waiting for a new addition to Cyberpunk 2077, there is one piece of good news – the developers are working hard on it. Of course, the release date is not known (it is only known that they are targeting 2023), while it is closer to the statement: “sooner rather than later.”

This is evidenced, for example, by the distribution of forces at CDPR. There are still a lot of people working on a new game in the Witcher world, but it’s clear that forces have been shifted mainly to Cyberpunk 2077, and not so much the base game, but the expansion.

Half of CDPR is working on the DLC

You can see from the chart that, in fact, half of the studio is currently working on a DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. The fact is that this is the only expansion that will appear for this production – so it must be really good.

Everyone is of course also curious about “The new Witcher game,” but very little is known about it at the moment. It’s certainly not The Witcher 4, although of course everyone would very much like it.