That is why Cyberpunk 2077 will cause admiration for a long time, and not thanks to the creators

Cyberpunk 2077 is a very unequal title when it comes to the emotions it evokes.

Sometimes it is difficult to pass by the next T-Pose indifferently or to pretend that you do not see major and minor mistakes. However, there is no doubt that Cyberpunk 2077 will make people happy for a long time.

However, not because the developers did a good job, but how the modders helped the title. Thanks to them, players are able to get the best out of Cyberpunk at the lowest graphics settings.

Everything “low”, more than one game could be jealous

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “Zeelaria” showed what Cyberpunk 2077 could look like with the lowest settings on a not very good computer, but with some mods installed that are responsible for improving the graphics.

In fact, he only used the basic, most popular mods that don’t affect FPS and that improve the game experience. One of the best things about Cyberpunk is driving around the city with atmospheric music, and as you can see, you can do it even without the best, or even especially good, equipment.


Could it have been done? Absolutely, most of these popular mods can be found on the “nexusmods” site. It can be harder when players play on consoles, but there is no problem with weak hardware, at least in theory.