Cyberpunk 2077 will soon receive an expansion. Keanu Reeves visited Europe with a specific purpose

It appears the players have decoded Keanu Reeves’ movements.

At this point, CDPR has not confirmed anything, but players are confident that the developers are working on the expansion. Keanu Reeves himself was to reveal it when he visited one of the Serbian cities.

How is it connected? A Reddit user with the nickname “lynxbird” put it together in one logical whole. The actor appeared in Novi Sad, a Serbian city of fewer than 350,000 people. And it was definitely not a vacation.

Extension to Cyberpunk 2077

There is something very important in Novi Sad. This is where the studio that created the “Meta Humans” technology exists and works.


And this is where everything starts to make sense. The studio that developed it was purchased by Epic Games, while their headquarters are still in Serbia. This technology is most often used to animate game characters based on real people.


  • Keanu Reeves went to Serbia.
  • Specifically to the city where Meta Humans technology has been developed.
  • Meta Humans is used to recreate actors directly in the games.

Added to this is the information that Keanu Reeves was definitely not in Serbia to record a new film – because that was the first thought.

It’s still just a theory, a strong one, but a theory. Work on expansion would not come as a surprise, after all, CDPR had to move forward at some point. Of course, predicting any dates is fortune-telling, but you can definitely say that something is actually happening on this topic.