“Be careful what you wish for.” Cyberpunk 2077 did it, but not in the style that CDPR wanted

Players are not being very nice towards Cyberpunk 2077, but this is not the only production that has recently failed the expectations.

Cyberpunk will forever remain in the minds of players, but rather not in the way that CDPR would like. After the premiere of the GTA trilogy, the games were almost immediately compared to Cyberpunk 2077.

It was written everywhere that this is the level of Cyberpunk, or even worse.

Careful what you wish for

Now gamers laugh thinking of CDPR’s old words when they aspired to be one of the top three game developers in the world.

The other two were to be Blizzard and Rockstar. And as one Reddit user with the nickname “Mellusse” shows, it kind of worked out.

The trilogy from Rockstar and Warcraft from Blizzard is rated even worse than Cyberpunk 2077. So you could say that CDPR actually achieved its goal. They are more or less on a par with the above-mentioned studios. The only question is whether or not that was the actual goal.