Something is coming. A new video has been added on the official Cyberpunk 2077 channel, but it’s private

CDPR is definitely up to something. There is a new video on the official channel, which is currently set to private.

Just a moment ago, there were 89 films on the official channel. Now their number is 90, so there is certainly one material that is fully ready to be released. CPDR is definitely preparing something and the only question is what exactly.

It is known that developers are testing something, now a video on Youtube – there is a chance that it could be update 1.6, which will bring the long-awaited news to Cyberpunk 2077. It could also be related to the Cyberpunk series (Edgerunners) or something else.

Something is coming, we just don’t know what

Of course, gamers would love to see the new update, but it’s not so sure that it will be released soon. Updates do not get their trailers, but rather full content presentations. However, anything is possible.

Unfortunately, we just have to wait now. Nothing is certain or predictable. It can be something great, like a new update, but it can also be a series or something completely different that will not affect the Cyberpunk itself – such as the presentation of a new figurine, CDPR plans, etc.