Plans for Cyberpunk 2077 and reality. Something went wrong at the end of the year

CDPR shared its plans for 2021 a few months ago. How does it look in retrospect?

Yesterday, there was information that CDPR decided to postpone the premieres of Cyberpunk and The Witcher to new generations of consoles. This made the community around their productions look even more at how developers are doing.

Among other things, the roadmap, which presented the plans of the studio for the coming months, was mentioned. It all ends with free DLC and bug fixes, and of course with the release of Cyberpunk on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Expectations vs reality

According to the roadmap, Cyberpunk’s last update this year was supposed to be a patch marked as 1.3. That worked out, but the update was released on August 17th. Since then, practically nothing has happened in Cyberpunk.

And on the roadmap, the period from patch 1.3 to the end of the year is marked as “Free DLCS”, including many improvements and updates.

The next generation aside, according to the players, something has failed here. There was one DLC so far, and it didn’t contain anything amazing – everyone forgot about it after 24 hours. There is not much left of those very few fixes and improvements, although it must be admitted that on September 14th patch 1.3.1 was released, focused mainly on bug fixes.

What do players expect? Announced DLC that was supposed to appear, and about which there is no information yet. It is known from leaks that a lot of larger and smaller elements of Cyberpunk are waiting to be introduced.