One thing was fixed, the other was broken – Cyberpunk 2077’s new update in one sentence

Cyberpunk 2077 updates are truly original. Practically every time they fix something, breaking something at the same time and it is not even about new bugs, although these also appear.

Typically, updates are designed to fix bugs and not create new ones. It just doesn’t work that way at Cyberpunk. The patch always brings new bugs and everyone got used to it.

In addition, CDPR introduces better and worse changes to the mechanics of the world in general, often forgetting to mention it at all. This time it was the case with cars that the community complains about a lot.

What has changed?

CDPR changed the rendering of cars, limiting them to about 150 meters. In practice, this means that players are able to easily see not cars, but 2D models. So there were requests on the web to remove these cars completely because it looks clumsy now.


These kinds of small details really make a big difference to the gameplay. According to the players, these roads should simply be empty. Instead, somewhere out of thin air, square, painted models appear in the players’ eyesight that match the Cyberpunk in no way.

Personally, I agree, and feel like I’d be happier seeing empty roads than seing these strings of 2D postage stamps(…) – we read on Reddit.

You can guess that this is an element of optimization, but quite unfitting, as can be seen from many opinions of players. Perhaps CDPR will listen to players and in the next update, we will see an improvement in this issue and creation of another one.