Many Cyberpunk 2077 players still don’t know how to properly use these weapons

There are tons of interesting weapons in Cyberpunk, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people still don’t know how to use them properly.

Cyberpunk is so extensive that sometimes even theoretically simple things cause difficulties for players, even when someone has already lost several dozen hours. In this case, it’s about smart weapons.

As players comment, it’s relatively hard to figure out how they should work. As one Reddit user writes:

It’s worth knowing about it

Smart weapons are, in theory, very simple. They allow you to shoot “blindly”, while the projectiles still reach the opponents. However, you need to know about a very important thing. It’s not about shooting at enemy units, but targeting them appropriately.

This is shown by Reddit user “pablo397”. For these weapons to work well, you need to target the enemies one by one with the right mouse button by default.


Many people believe that these weapons are just poorly performing, only waste ammunition, have relatively low damage, and sometimes hit something. Actually, targeting takes a while but allows you to hide behind an obstacle and fire from there.

Their usefulness has been and continues to be questioned. Mainly because at the moment of targeting, it would be possible to eliminate the opponent with a normal weapon, without hiding behind obstacles.