Gamers are remaking the Cyberpunk 2077 series into an adult version. This is becoming quite a problem

Edgerunners has become another series after Arcane, which lived to see its adult versions.

The problem of publishing “adult” versions of characters from the Edgerunners series online has become such a big issue that, for example, on the Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit it has been completely banned.

This is a genuine problem that the Cyberpunk community is facing at the moment. Literally everywhere there are makeovers with characters without clothes. Of course, on the web, fans of this kind of thing have their own special places.

This is becoming a standard

This kind of thing is slowly becoming standard for games and TV series alike. People are remaking clothed characters in ways that strip them of their clothing altogether.

Normally we would have no problem showing exactly what it is about, but we are working on a special solution. Now, unfortunately, graphics with large rectangles must suffice. In any case, communities of this type are easy to find.

It is difficult to find a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, but apparently, there are people who like this type of content. You can see from special subreddits that this is gathering a lot of popularity.