Did you pay $ 50-60 for Cyberpunk 2077? Seeing the new price will make you feel stupid

Many people bought Cyberpunk for a big price on the premiere, today there are huge discounts.

Of course, the current discounts have a lot to do with Black Friday, but no one expected them to be so big. The prices of many games have soared and this is not surprising, but it is funny to see how big discounts hit Cyberpunk.

The price of the basic version of the game is so low that you will pay more for any Funko Pop figurine, or even a poster from Cyberpunk itself, which costs $ 11. How much will you pay for the game then?

Cyberpunk 2077 price reduction

Let us remind you that in December 2020, for the premiere, the creators wanted $ 50-60 for the digital version of the PC or the physical edition. Today, due to Black Friday, this just turned into $ 9,99

Cyberpunk in the console version, even in the Target store, can be easily purchased for less than $ 10.

During the year, CDPR production lost around 40-50 dollars from its original price. Is it a tremendous opportunity that cannot be missed? You could certainly think so, were it not for the fact that Best Buy offered such prices in August 2021.

Already 3 months ago, you could buy Cyberpunk for less than $ 10, which many people took advantage of. Today, the game is much better than the one that was available at the premiere, and yet CDPR and individual stores must take into account such drops.