Cyberpunk 2077 players change their phones and interestingly, it looks really good

Cyberpunk 2077, despite the fact that it is still not a perfect game, still has many fans.

Some fans of Cyberpunk wear T-shirts with the logo of the game, wear hats with the inscription Cyberpunk 2077, and others change their phones in such a way that they resemble the game.

Usually, such designs are simply ugly and not very functional. This time is different. Reddit user “3DD-W1N” showed what his phone looks like at the moment.

Cyberpunk 2077′ themed phone

Unfortunately, the author did not provide any download link, but as he writes, three completely separate applications are needed to achieve this effect – not everyone will want to make their phones work slower only for this visual effect.


It looks really good, hard to say how it performs on a daily basis, but definitely impressive.