CDPR is delighted with the adult version of Cyberpunk 2077, i.e. Cyberbang 2069

It is rare that the creators of the biggest games allow the creation of fan productions, especially if they are intended for adults.

Cyberbang 2069 is such an eloquent title that everyone should quickly understand what’s going on there. It is a kind of dating simulator that offers two versions. One is censored, the other is not.

It is a free production that anyone can download. It is interesting because even CDPR developers liked Cyberbang. One of them even mentioned the production on his Twitter account, saying that it is great.

Cyberbang 2069 in practice

The production itself is about choosing the right dialogues, interacting with characters – including those with 18+ elements.


The censored version is probably intended primarily for streamers, and although there is no such category on Twitch yet, it will probably appear in a moment.

Cyberbang 2069 will definitely be a good way to get a break from Cyberpunk 2077 itself but still stay in this world. CDPR has nothing to do with this project but accepts its existence.

The whole thing can be downloaded from a specially prepared website, but be warned that this is not an authorized production –