Will the diamond medal from Operation Riptide in CSGO be changed? Now it looks like the silver one

Among all the various types of proposals, the topic of the diamond medal has recently appeared very often.

There are a lot of suggestions on the web of what could be changed or added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Most projects never end with their implementation because they do not receive sufficient support from the community itself.

It’s a little different now. Players have been asking for a change in the appearance of the medal from Operation Riptide because it looks not good enough. The diamond version is similar to the silver one.

How could this be changed?

The proposed change was presented by one of the Reddit users with the nickname “KR1ZER”. His concept was very well received, and the entry with the presentation of the new version of the medal is one of the most popular in recent days.

The color scheme itself would change, from silver to more natural, but still effective.

Such a change does not require an incredible amount of work, in fact, this concept is already something ready, which only needs to be adapted. It is not known, however, if Valve would undertake the task of improving the medal, in the end, it would be an admission that it could have been done a little better.