You haven’t seen anything like that yet. A bot in CSGO gets an Ace

CS: GO bots aren’t incredibly demanding, although they certainly have their moments.

Bots in games like CS: GO are quite unpredictable. Interestingly, they always know your position very well and know where you are and where you will come from. Valve has programmed them to “pretend” that they do not.

This sometimes leads to funny situations where the bots will fire as if they have cheats installed. And in a way it does, although usually, players are able to deal with them relatively easily.

When a bot gets an Ace

However, when the bot manages to eliminate not only one person, but the entire team, it is a sure sign that maybe it is worth training a little.

The last two eliminations do look dodgy, but it’s classic bot behavior that can sometimes be seen as pure cheating. Anyway, bots need to cheat a little to be of any use at all.