That has to mean something already. The company that helped release CSGO is visible on Steam again

There is no major doubt that something is happening in the subject of CS: GO. Maybe it’s engine changes or something else.

For many months it has been said that something is getting closer to CS: GO. The problem is, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence so far, or at least it wasn’t directly from Valve. Everything was based on files, leaks etc.

Now we have another pebble that can herald news. A new “developer” has appeared on Steam for CS: GO. Although “new” is a big simplification here, it is a company that was a key element in the release of Global Offensive.

That has to mean something

A Reddit user with the nickname “partaloski” noticed that Hidden Path Entertainment was included in CS: GO.

Why is it so important? It was this company that helped with the original release of CS: GO. It was hired to develop the game and push it forward. It appears when CS was about to receive something big.

It’s probably the same now. Of course, it is not known 100% that this is about Source 2, but for sure something is happening with CS: GO and maybe the effects of it will be released very soon.