Presets in CSGO. Something that normally should have been introduced many years ago

Players show one of the basic features they think should be in CS: GO.

The ability to set yourself presets is something that is found in many different games. This makes it easier and faster to choose equipment, skins, and favorite settings for your items. Valve, despite many proposals, decided not to introduce something like this.

This may change with Source 2 and the rebuilding of all CS: GO, for example. However, this is still a far-away concept.

Presets in CS: GO

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “aquaismissing” showed what he thought setting presets in CS: GO could look like.


It is nothing complicated, but it is amazing. In fact, it could have been in the game for a long time. Other productions do not even boast that they have such a thing anymore.