New Counter Strike 2 update comes out more fun than expected

Valve was preparing something, leakers predicted more invitations and news… Well.

Sll CS: GO players are hoping for Counter-Strike 2 to open up to more people. For days, a narrative has been building regarding an upcoming update that could finally bring a breakthrough. Valve reportedly returned from vacation, people went to work again – it made sense.

“Cooking something” sounded optimistic, to say the least. Especially since the recent DOTA 2 update again referred in some part to CS2.

And a new update comes out

A new update came out today, weighing in at a whole 10 MB. The size alone may already hint to you that there are unlikely to be any breakthroughs. No one has confirmed that Valve has launched any new wave of invitations. Everyone continues to have hopes, but they are unfulfilled.

The update is small fixes, some removal of unnecessary old lines of code. Also removed the gift table query.

Nothing worth noting. Except, of course, that an update has actually been released, meaning someone at CS: GO is already working on it. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding anything that is supposed to be groundbreaking or even interesting.