CSGO players are already losing their minds with Source 2. Or, in fact, Valve came up with such a brilliant plan

Valve isn’t best known for trolling, although developers actually do quite dodgy things at times.

We wrote a while ago that gamers were trolling the community by showing a certain date on a Source 2 sticker. Of course, that was just a bait, but Valve’s actions surely aren’t. Although there is a chance that the players are really freaking out and over-interpreting everything.


The recording shows a crafted date – 01/11/2022. Apart from the one sticker, which by the way does not include this date (it’s a fan makeover), there is no information about the release date of Source 2.

Meanwhile, the players…

It’s hard not to think that people following Source 2 and Valve’s movements in general are not paranoid. Even the time when Valve tests new products or various functions is tracked. One of the insiders pointed out that the number 11/1/22 has just reappeared.

I think I’m actually going insane – a popular Twitter user writes. You can see here that one of the developers was in the game for 11 minutes, and 1.22 seconds.

Would Valve be brilliant enough to use the players’ concept this way and would now often refer to this date? Doubtful. Rather, it is a complete coincidence, although it is certainly interesting.