A trick in CSGO that Valve can’t fix. It is due to bugs in the Source engine

There are many different kinds of bugs, exploits, and tricks in CS:GO. Some of them have been in the game for a really long time because Valve has trouble fixing them.

Rather, most bugs in CS:GO are due to map-related problems. Fixing glitches or exploits on specific maps is not much of an issue. Usually, when a bug becomes popular, Valve simply fixes it or has it fixed.

However, some bugs cause more problems because they occur at the engine level. And this is also the case here. Players mention that although not many people know about it, every now and then people are reminded of it and increase the popularity of this particular bug.

A trick that will stay in CS:GO for a while

This trick allows you to safely avoid damage from a bomb or at least confuse your opponents. This is nothing new, but many players still have no idea that this is possible. Mainly because it can be used very situationally.


It works not only on this particular map but also on many others. Valve certainly knows about this, as the bug has been in CS for months, if not years.