Among Us announced a new update that will eventually bring roles, but there are still many questions

InnerSloth has officially announced that the next update Among Us will focus primarily on new roles.

All ex-Among Us players would love to see any news. These are getting closer. Unfortunately, we’re talking about InnerSloth, an unpredictable studio that keeps a lot of things secret until the very last moment.

Therefore, although the developers have published quite extensive information about the new roles, relatively little is apparent from it. It is known that the next update is to focus on them, but what they will be – it is not known.

But what is known?

How hard it is to get any information about Among Us is best shown in the paragraph revealing that new roles are coming.

What roles? Secret. How many should there be? Also a secret. InnerSloth is either unsure itself or is building hype in some twisted way. Interestingly, the roles to be completely different from what is available in various types of mods.

InnerSloth writes that it will use its ideas from 2018. What ideas? You guessed right, it is completely unknown.

To sum up:

  • The next update Among Us will bring new roles.
  • It is not known how many of these roles there will be, but certainly more than two.
  • It is not known when the update will be released.
  • It is not known what these roles will be.

It’s hard to say whether adding the roles will convince YouTubers and streamers to come back. Without them, it will be extremely difficult for Among Us to reach its community, most of which has already spread through other games.