What is happening to the forgotten Among Us today? New “revelations” (not really)

Among Us is a title that we come back to every now and then and look at what has been going on there recently.

It definitely has its peak of popularity behind it, but everyone is waiting for a new, official map, new roles, or game modes. InnerSloth is up to the challenge and… announces, for example, new figures.

After a good year from the peak hype, the design (not the final product, but the design) of the figurine was shown.

And although it is Nendoroid, which is a really cool line of figures that can be adapted in an interesting way, a year after the peak of popularity is quite late.

But it is not everything

The figurine itself is not enough. InnerSloth officially announced… Another employee who will take care of player support. At this rate, perhaps the studio will employ 10 people by the end of the year.

In addition, as a standard, developers provide various types of graphics created by players, they laugh a bit and get a bit irritated when asked about the new map – a standard that we have been observing for several months.

Among all these entries, there are some quite interesting ones, for example those presenting the old look of voting phase:

Interesting, but probably not in 2021, where everyone is expecting some bigger changes. Instead, there are announcements of new clothes or physical items in the form of pillows, figurines, some curiosities and that’s all.