Riot is taking a break from releasing new characters and maps to Valorant. There will not be any in Act 2 of Episode 4

Riot has today confirmed that there will be no new character appearing in act 2 of episode 4. The studio takes a step back and takes care of other functions.

Riot posted a new material today about Valorant’s future. The most important information is that in act 2 of episode 4, no new character will appear. Anna Donlon gives gamers messages that may upset many people.

What is the reason for the lack of a new Agent? The official version is that Riot wants to focus primarily on character balance, perhaps maps. Most probably it is all about doing Yoru rework properly, taking care of smurfs, AFKs, and new systems.

No new character in act 2 of episode 4

Not to make everybody too sad, Riot announces that this is only about act 2, in the 3rd one players should see new characters and maps – yes, because the maps will also be gone for a while.


The pass and everything else stays as it was with the difference that the pass will be created in cooperation with the community.