How to claim Valorant Champions Card and Twitch Drops? Everything you need to know

Riot Games wants to commemorate the first-ever Valorant Champions competition. As a result, it introduces the Champions Skin Pack.

Valorant’s developers are committed to commemorating the first Valorant Champions competition and are introducing a new skin pack called “Champions”. Of course, Riot Games has also thought of players who are rather reluctant to spend money on new skins and will give you the option to get loot for their inventory. What is known about this?

Riot Games gives drops on Twitch and a possibility to earn the Valorant Champions card

The Valorant Champions card is quite an interesting item that can enrich every player’s inventory. In addition, it looks really majestic due to its black and gold colors. To pick it up, follow the steps below:

  • Go to “Collection”,
  • Then select “Arsenal”,
  • Select “Player Card”,
  • Scroll until you find your Champions card, then equip it.

In addition, the developers want to increase the viewership of Valorant Champions on Twitch and give the community sprays and weapon tags at the same time. To collect rewards:

  • Click on your user profile in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down to “Settings”
  • Go to the “Connections” tab
  • Scroll down to “Riot Games” and click “Connect”
  • Log in to your Riot Account.

From December 1 to December 11, players will be able to receive the VCT spray, and on December 12 from 12 a.m. EDT – a tag.