Episode 3 of Act 3 in Valorant is coming. However, the new agent will not appear right away?

Soon, episode 3 act 3 is to appear in Valorant. A new agent was to appear with it, but…

The Valorant community is almost used to the fact that with each new act, a new agent comes into play. The developers have already announced on their official website that it will look a bit different this time, but the new character is actually going to appear in the title.

Unfortunately, it will take place at a slightly later date. What’s all this about and why should the character be delayed?

When will the new agent be available?

According to the developers ‘statement, the new character has already been completed, but in their opinion, it would not meet the players’ requirements. Therefore, Riot decided to publish the agent only 2 weeks later and during this time, improve it to the extent that it is fully ready for the game.

As the work on the new character progressed, we found that it did not reach the high level you would expect from us. That is why we decided to hold off on releasing the agent for the next two weeks to use it for the final touches. Sometimes the final 10% of the work is decisive for the remaining 90% of the effort. – wrote John Goscicki, character producer at Valorant.

Despite this, Riot has promised to show its players what the new agent should look like. This information will be published tomorrow on Valorant’s social media at 9 am EDT.