Celebrating Pride Month 2022 in Valorant. What cosmetic accessories can be unlocked?

The shooter from Riot Games also got themed cosmetic accessories related to the LGBT+ community.

June began, which is a month that many people associate with the LGBT + community. For many years, the aforementioned period of the year has been called Pride Month – on this occasion, many games offer cosmetic accessories referring to individual flags.

Riot is known for the fact that every year it prepares themed icons, emotes and other decorations that can be unlocked completely for free and used not only in June but also throughout the year.

This type of add-on also appeared in Valorant. What do they look like?

Pride Month in Valorant

Riot has officially announced that Valorant is also celebrating this year’s Pride Month. The game has received the Equality kit, which includes cosmetic accessories referring to the individual flags of the LGBT + community.

Share your Pride in VALORANT with the latest Pride Bundle—a collection of 8 Player Cards and Gun Buddy that let you wave the colors you wear. The bundle and items are only available between June 1–20, but you can use them to show your Pride in-game all year long.


We’re making it easier for you to collect this time. Just find the bundle in the Store and select “purchase” at 0VP. You can also “purchase” the items individually at 0VP. Keep in mind, these are not automatically added to your collections, so you’ll have to unlock them from the Store!


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