Fake streams from the war in Ukraine with sirens and gunshots are flooding TikTok

This is probably the worst possible way to earn money. There are more and more fake streams on TikTok, watched by tens of thousands of people.

It’s hard to find any nice words for a way to earn money by streaming an image from a random place in the world, signing it as Ukraine, and playing sirens and gunshots from the loudspeakers.

And this is exactly what is happening on TikTok. One of the Polish Twitch streamers drew attention to this. Bonkol has tracked at least a few such broadcasts to be watched by up to 80,000 people.

A pinnacle of being a piece of sh**, using the situation to earn money on live tiktoks. The guy looks out from the window, and in the background the sounds of sirens, which are clearly coming from the his speaker, and people donate money. Around 80 thousand of them.

It’s even hard to comment on

Some broadcasts come from Ukraine, some from a completely different place in the world. Everything under the narrative of aid for Ukraine – people send gifts believing that they are actually helping the inhabitants.

New day, new scammers and naive viewers that want to help by sending gifts with money.

Everything is amplified by the sounds of howling sirens, shots, crying, the sounds switch completely randomly, everything is looped.

TikTok has not intervened so far, but mass bans for such broadcasts can be expected.