You’ve never seen such a specific look of the Sims before. The Sims 4, but it’s Pixar

Players have all sorts of styles in which they create their Sims, but this one is definitely one of the most original.

Simmers love to play with mods and Custom Content. Of course, some prefer the so-called “maxis match,” which are modified objects designed to mimic the game’s graphics, so that they don’t strongly differ from the game’s style and look like they were created by the creators of The Sims 4. Others, on the other hand, are crazy about “alpha CCs”. These, in turn, are known for being very different from each other graphically, but there’s plenty to choose from, as the selection is huge.

Players have really different styles of Sims they create, and it all depends on how much they love to deviate from traditional gameplay. Fairies, elves, anime characters, mythical creatures – here only the sheer creativity of Simmers can limit them.

Such a style of Sims you have never seen before

Simmers very often brag in the media about their newly created Sims. Usually, of course, they are the typical beauties themselves with perfect noses and beautiful makeup. However, it turns out that not everyone prefers this style of Sims creation. So-called ugly beauties, i.e. creating Sims who are not perfect and have many flaws in their appearance, yet are much more intriguing and interesting, are becoming more and more popular.

It is in this type of style that a player with the nickname IsThatBlueSoup creates, who from time to time shows his new “projects” on Reddit. This one stands out in particular, because… you have to admit that it looks quite specific.

The Sims, at first glance, look really strange and do not resemble the characters from The Sims 4 at all. However, it’s all CC magic. Players began to comment that it reminds them of characters from Pixar, or even specifically from the movie “Ratatouille”. As it turned out – this was the author’s intention, as he is very much inspired by the graphics of this studio.

As you can see, there are many Simmers who love to experiment with the look of their Sims and the possibilities that the Sim Creation Mode in The Sims 4 gives them.